Instructions in English


Do not use dictionaries or any other help to complete the test.

Write your answers in formal, standard language (no spoken language forms), unless otherwise instructed in the task.

Do the test at a time that suits you best. It may take up to an hour to finish the test.

You can freely move back and forth when completing the tasks.

Always click TARKISTA (’check’) when you have finished a task.

If you do not have a Finnish keyboard with the letters Ä and Ö, which are needed for the test, you can find them here:



Check your score and read the recommendation.

Register for a course suitable for you. If you are a registered student at the university, let your teacher know which test you took and what your score was.

If you are still uncertain which course to take, read the course descriptions once again. If you are a university student, you may get in touch with your course teacher.