Final Pitch

At Sustainability Master Class Final pitch audience got to hear six fantastic pitches. Korjaamon Vintti was full of sustainability experts, as participants and mentors got together for the last time during this program.

There were three different categories: Overall Winner, Best Pitch & Most Innovative Solution. Winners were:

Overall Winner:                       Fidel
Best Pitch:                               Systemico
Most Innovative Solution:      Systemico

In this post is a short description of each solution. Team order is the same as in Final Pitch.

Kai Tuo Zhe

An Unvending Machine with smart technology that incentivizes people to recycle their unwanted mobile phones while simultaneously handling collection and sorting. A recycling agency who collects discarded phones from users and redirects them to the appropriate business unit within the value chain.

Fidel (Overall Winner)

MineLoop creates a platform for effective stakeholder dialogue and a tool for continual engagement. Combining hard data from water quality measurements with soft data of feedback from local communities they create data that is valuable for all the stakeholders.

The winning team Fidel with Master Class mentor Susanna Horn from Outotec.

Systemico (Best Pitch & Most Innovative Solution)

MetalPass is a free app for consumers in which they can track the metals of their new electronics. In addition, the solution also increases the volume of recycling by giving a voucher for a consumer who has the app and takes a broken device back to the retailer.

Gold Rush

SRE GOLD RUSH Oy has built a solution to prevent unsustainable mining. Sustainable Resource Extraction Certification is a certificate, but also a way for companies to get consultation to maintain and improve sustainability.

Mind Miners

Mind Miners is an ethical consulting company that offers multidisciplinary and multicultural high level service that enables negotiating and maintaining SLO in different context in the mining industry. We also aim to build strong partnership with the organization and individuals we are working in mining or another related field.

The Toads

The Toads will totally change the way e-waste is handled in Bangladesh. They will establish easily accessible centers for collection and recycling of e-waste – Hubs – in the city centres of Dhaka and Chittagong, two of the biggest cities in Bangladesh.

To hear more about the solutions created at Sustainability Master Class, join us at Sustainability Science Day event on 11th May in the University of Helsinki, see more here:

On the behalf of organizers, we’d like to thank all the participants and mentors. Also, special kudos to Julia and Johannes from Demos Helsinki and Meeri & others from Helsinki Think Company.

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