Here we have listed all our excellent mentors. You can read a short summary about each of them. More mentors  will be added, stay tuned!

To get their contact information, be in touch with either Master Class Coordinator Meeri Helminen or Liaison Manager Jenni Koistinen. You can find the contact information from here.

Susanna Horn
Manager: Sustainability, Research Portfolio, Service Business Development at Outotec


I work on sustainable development, service business development and research coordination at Outotec. For a long time, I’ve been interested in the links between sustainable development and business — companies do benefit financially from the use of natural resources, but at the same time their business’ rest on the access to the resources in the future as well. This interest is partly caused by my employment, where I have a position in business, in sustainable development as well as in tech development. Partly the interest is caused by my education – I have PhD in Economics (Corporate Environmental Management) and I have background as a economist (M.Sc. in Sustainable resource management). Before my time at Outotec, I worked as a researcher and a teacher at the University of Jyväskylä for ten years. I’m eagerly waiting for mentoring and having complex, challenging and prestigious conversations with the participants.

Ilkka  Kojo
Director, Environment and Sustainability at Outotec


I am Process Metallurgist and I have many years’ experience in technology development. My passion is to produce better processes in production of metals in a way where our clients can act on the principles of sustainable development. In my current position I aim to spur younger technologists – especially through examples – to recognize and develop qualities in their products, that will keep production of metals resource effective in the future in the broad sense of the concept. In this sense resources are all the materials from nature, water and energy as well as capital and people. As a mentor, I’m looking for new visions, especially from non-engineer point-of-view.

Markku Uoti
Head of Risk Management (Services) at Outotec


I’m Markku Uoti, 46-year old Licentiate of Technology from Otaniemi. I’ve graduated from the German School of Helsinki. I’ve been working for Outokumpu and Outotec for 15-20 years in Pori and in Espoo. I’ve gained experience from research, product development, technical sales, industrial rights, service sales concepts and risk management. Our clients encounter more and more often challenges in Social License to Operate (SLO). Challenges varies from environmental issues to local communities accepting project. In recent times, different conflicts have been happening in more frequent fashion and some of mining projects have been delayed because of these issues. When Outotec sells machinery and services to its clients around the world, I want to follow the process on a daily basis from the risk management’s point of view.

I wanted to join Sustainability Master Class, because it is interesting to have mind-opening conversations about socially meaningful topics with young folks and discuss about different solutions. I think I’m able to help participants by giving my experience to their use – and develop my skills in the process as well. At Outotec, I’ve been a mentor and being mentored and those all have been great experiences.

Markku Anttonen
Postdoctoral Researcher

Markku Anttonen (Ph.D.) works currently as a postdoctoral researcher at the Consumer Society Research Centre (CSRC), in an Academy of Finland funded project titled Closing the Loop for High Value-Added Metals ( In this project he focuses on consumer behavior, business models, public acceptance and effective policy measures for Circular Economy. Earlier Markku has worked with business models and policy measures for services that enhance sustainable development.