Day 3 – 7th of August – Trip to Stora Enso Packaging Mill

In the morning at around 07:00 to 08:00 we took breakfast at Hyytiälä forestry field station. During the breakfast we were sitting on the chair made of forest wood. This chair was specially design to give comfort and to make us relax in other to have good breakfast. This shows the contribution of ecosystem service to human well-being.


The trip took about three hours. During this trip the participants in the bus contemplated nature through these different landscapes. Some of them took pictures and had fun. This shows again the contribution of ecosystem service for our well-being, after the trip, upon arrival we had lunch at Stora Enso Packaging Mill in Heinola. We also benefited from the same service offered by forest ecosystem service for human well-being  just like the breakfast room at Hyytiala forestry field station.

Immediately after the lunch we were opportuned to have a presentation from the paper engineer “Roope Laaksonen “on the production and marketing of their products, we then made a tour at the mill. This visit was an occasion to show how ecosystem service offered by forest contributes to economic income and employees in the Finland country.

During the tour Questions/Comments were:

  • How many staffs employed and what’s are their level of education in the Stora Enso Packaging Mill
  • What are the challenges in production and marketing and how does climate change affect production and marketing.
  • Certification issues, how do they differ from one country to the other
  • In terms of packaging, how do you compete with other competitors in the same business
  • Main species used for processing and sources of raw materials
  • Strength of Stora Enso Packaging mill, what are their social responsibilities

The responses were:

Stora Enso Packaging Mill has up to 120, 000 staffs in which some work double shift while some work on a single shift depending on the individual, no specific level of education is required, the only market at local market, transportation cost in most case is very expensive, the Finnish climate have changed to sometimes – 15 degrees this coupled with some other changes has made it very difficult for the Company to operates now compare to the previous years. some outgoing scheme for wood by land owners gives them incentives, global certification, basically their products is used once and make some new papers or boards, the source of raw materials is from the Rethink Private forest and normally the soughting is done by the organization as different sizes are used for different purposes also different tree species are used for different purposes.





Rebecca Bockarie & Tiga Neya


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  1. Hi! I’m not sure that Stora Enso Packaging Mill has up to 120, 000 staffs :) It is much more then all people who are working in forest industry in the whole Finland.

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