Business opportunity recognition in SDGs

Session questions(s):

What is necessary for business opportunity recognition in SDGs?
-Who are your main external and internal stakeholders?
-How do you influence your stakeholders?
– Which of the SDGs are the ones that you see as motivators and drivers of your organization?
– Environmental or social or economic or governance?
– What is the problem you want to solve?
Networks and Resources:
– Map out your existing and prospective networks in terms of sustainable business opportunity recognition.
– What are your barriers and drivers in terms of sustainable business opportunity recognition?
Business modelling:
To utilise a sustainable business model canvas


Session description:

The SDG4BIZ Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance project prepared a multidisciplinary, cross-border MOOC course about business opportunity recognition via the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It enhances the awareness of business growth potential in applying the SDGs and serves the innovation capabilities of European companies and the competence needs of European HEIs. The course is available in English, Finnish, Slovak, Italian, Turkish, Spanish, and German. Upon successful completion of the course modules, learners can receive certificates. Information on how to register and participate in this course can be found at
During the session, the topics in the SDG4BIZ course were discussed in depth.


Session lesson(s):

There are needs and interests for business opportunity recognition in SDGs courses.
Individual experiences and knowledge influence significantly the motivation of business opportunity recognition in SDGs.
Participants’ individual SDG business ideas were discussed with the session organisers to develop the idea further using the prepared questions and canvas.
SDG4BIZ MOOC is useful for both business and non-business major learners.


Session keyword(s):

SDG4BIZ, Sustainability, MOOC, Business Opportunity


Hye Jung-Majanen & Riitta Lehtinen & Annariikka Martikainen

Metropolia UAS; Haaga-Helia UAS

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