Climate University: new strategy

Session questions(s):

What is Climate University network and how to join it?


Session description:

Our discussion group was most interested in engaging university students and staff more to Climate University actions. Climate University network published new vision and strategy 23.5.2023:


Session lesson(s):

Our discussion group proposed several student engagement activities, like having an annual student gathering, workshops or summer schools for Climate University students, logo competitions, painting competitions etc. Mentor programme was proposed, as well as an alumni network. Students could also be trained as climate advocates and prepare policy briefings. Collaboration courses/events/projects could be ideated with other collaborators in the field. Climate University t-shirts were wished for. Also more in-depth trainings for teachers on sustainability pedagogies were wished for, as well as trainigs for non-academic staff of higher education institutions.


Session keyword(s):

Climate University, student engagement, co-creation


Laura Riuttanen

University of Helsinki

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