What do we talk about when we talk sustainable?

Session questions(s):

in the Sustainability Learning Café in SSD. The main theme discussion topics were (1) how do you understand sustainability in education? (2) What does sustainability in education mean to you in practice?


Session description:

Sustainability in education (SDG4) was discussed from various perspectives. Sai Väyrynen explained the sustainability in education targets, she also showed one example of the implementation of the UN Sustainability Development Goals in Helsinki 2023: From Agenda to Action. She stressed that different countries may have different targets. All participants discussed how they understood sustainability development, it should not only include the environmental issues, but also many important aspects, such as the importance of social and societal elements, such as vulnerable populations, people’s well-being, equality, inclusion, etc. dimensions. And All the sustainability goals are all inter-connected together.

Further on, all the participants shared their views on how they can take action and contribute to sustainability goals in their life and in their work in practice. One participant shared that as a researcher and as a social worker how he used resources to support immigrants in Finland in developing their capabilities and to be integrated in Finnish society. Teachers and teacher educators also discuss how they can incorporate Sustainability goals in their own teaching courses. They felt that more cross-disciplined courses are needed in eth future.


Session lesson(s):

The Sustainability Learning Café was a fruitful discussion for sharing and learning. Participants gained wider and richer perspectives and understanding of SDG and SDG4. All participants agreed that “substantiality should be connected with responsibilities”, also expressed that they will take further actions in practice towards sustainability development goals.


Session keyword(s):

SDG4, Education, Social justice, Inclusion


Sai Väyrynen & Jenny Niu

The Global Innovation Network for Teaching and Learning (GINTL) – Maaria Manyando

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