About the course and the blog


Taita field course is part of University of Helsinki‘s MSc programme in geography as a participatory course.  The course blog will contain the travel journal updated by us students. We will write our coursework here as well, each of us focusing on a different aspect of the areas and places we are going to visit. A few of us focus together on the synthesis of all covered phenomena.


The field work part of the course takes place in Taita Hills and its surrounding area in Taita-Taveta County, Kenya. University of Helsinki has a research station in Wundanyi, Taita Hills (3°24’02 S, 38°21’52 E). We use the station as our accommodation.


The course teachers are Prof. Petri Pellikka, Phd. Tino Johansson, and Assoc. Prof. Enrico Di Minin. The course assistants are Ilja Vuorinne and Hanna Hirvonen. We are also students of the course. So far, other (teaching) participants include: Doc. Eduardo Maeda, Phd. Matheus Nunes, Phd. Gonzalo Cortés Capano, Sheila Wachiye, Kukka-Maaria Kohonen, and Mwadime Mjomba.

This year all of us 16 students of this course are geography students, specializing in different fields of the science. In addition to us assistants, the students are: Arttu Kivimäki, Christa Tauro, Emil Ehnström, Helena Rautakoski, Julia Viertola, Kiia Eerikäinen, Kristiina Koivu, Maiju Karhu, Marisofia Nurmi, Sanna Kujala, Sari Aroalho, Sonja Koivisto, Taiga Korpelainen, and Toni Ruikkala.

A view from the yard of the research station. Photo: Hanna Hirvonen.


Us students fly to Nairobi on the 18th of January, the trip in Kenya starts on the 19th, and the course ends on the 29th. Please note that this blog covers the course only partly, since preliminary sessions were organized in November and December 2019 in Helsinki.

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