Jari Multisilta








Keynote Lecture III: Saturday 18 May 9.00 – 10.00

Collaborative Video Storytelling: Social and Mobile Learning for the Net Generation

The use of videos on the Internet has grown significantly in the last few years because of YouTube, Vimeo and similar services. Based on a study among Finnish youth in 2011, about 70% of all children and youth used web videos every day. A growing number of education and research communities have started to use video in learning activities in new ways. However, this is not a common practice yet, and from a pedagogical point of view, methods need to be developed further to fully exploit the power of web videos and storytelling in learning. For example, mobile video storytelling is considered to be a new way of user participation, communication and collaboration. Mobile storytelling can also be seen as a way to integrate several subject studies such as the subject matter, arts and design, and foreign languages. Mobile videos and storytelling can also be a way to expand the learning outside the classroom and collaborate internationally with other schools and classes. Digital stories have been used for preserving, reflecting on and sharing life experiences. Mobile video storytelling supports co-authoring video materials, video as a reflective material, collaborative designing and editing of a video documentary, and collaborative sense-making. In this talk, the MoViE (Mobile Video Experience) platform and experiences of mobile video storytelling using MoViE in a large international context will be discussed. How modern technology should be adopted in teacher education will be reflected on as a more general question.

Jari Multisilta is the Director of Cicero Learning Network at the University of Helsinki, Finland and Professor of Multimedia in Tampere University of Technology, Information Technology at Pori, Finland. Multisilta got his MSc from the University of Tampere in 1992 in Mathematics and Dr.Tech. at Tampere University of Technology in 1996. Prof Multisilta has studied learning and modern communication and information technologies and has been the principal investigator in several research projects in this area. Currently, his research interests include networked and mobile learning, mobile social media, mobile storytelling, and mobile social video applications, especially panoramic video. Professor Multisilta has published over 100 international conference papers and journal articles on his research area. He was a Visiting Fellow at Nokia Research Center in 2008-2009 and Nokia Visiting Professor in 2012. On several occasions, Multisilta has also been Visiting Scholar at Stanford University, H-STAR Institute in 2007 (2 months), 2008 (1 month), 2010 (6 months) and 2012 (2 months).

Professor Multisilta has specialised in learning and modern communication and information technologies. Currently, his research interests include networked and mobile learning, and mobile social media. Professor Multisilta has managed and taken part in a number of research and development projects concentrating on educational technology, video applications and games in learning, mobile technology and knowledge co-construction, and co-creational spaces in support of sharing. The projects have been funded by Tekes, Academy of Finland, the EU and the Finnish Work Environment Fund among others.

Professor Multisilta has published over 100 international conference papers and journal articles on his research area. Multisilta’s articles have appeared in journals such as International Journal of Arts and Technology (IJART), Education and Information Technologies, and International Journal of Web Engineering and Technology (IJWET).

Professor Multisilta also supervises doctoral theses, and acts as an opponent and examiner. Professor Multisilta frequently acts as a scientific expert in various committees, for instance in the Global Education Leadership Program GELP, Finnish Team (2010-2012, CISCO USA), Nokia Research Centre research funding competition Call for Proposals team (2009) and the Editorial Board of IFIP TC 3 Journal (1999 onwards, Education and Information Technologies).