HEAT2018 Schedule


10.15 Welcome

Session 1: William Abraham (SMU), The challenge of unbelief and skepticism in the book of exodus

11.30 break

11.45 Session 2 David Efird (York), Knowing the unknowable (personally):

Divine ineffability and the beatific vision revisited

12.45 Lunch

14.15 Session 3, Olli-Pekka Vainio (Helsinki), Religious faith, certainty, and doubt

15.15 break

15.30 Session 4 Calum Miller (Oxford), Probabilistic reasoning for religious knowledge

16.30 Tour at University Libraries and the Cathedrals


9.15 Session 5: Victoria Harrison (Macau), How can we come to know theological truths?

10.30 break

10.45 Session 6 Tony Bolos (Virginia Commonwealth University) and James Collin (Edinburgh), Understanding and action-oriented theological epistemology

11.45 Lunch

13.00 Session 7, student papers, Ilmari Hirvonen (Helsinki), The Grandson of Great Pumpkin: The problem of arbitrariness in Alvin Plantinga’s apologetic programme; Oskari Juurikkala (Rome), Theoria between rationality and vision: Lessons for theological epistemology from the Patristic doctrine of contemplation; Jonathan Fugua (Purdue), How God can save philosophy

14.30 break

14.45 Session 8, Kegan Shaw (Edinburgh), A Plea for the Theist in the Street: In Defense of a ‘Moorean’-style Proof for the Existence of God

15.45 Break

18.00 Conference dinner for the speakers

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