In English


Here you can find the information regarding this “Computing Tools for CS studies” course in English.
Click here for the slides.

There will be four weeks of exercises.

The deadline for each week is Monday at 18:00. First week’s exercises are easy & small! First deadline is on Monday 8th of September.

Paja / lab

Exercises will be done at paja (lab), where instructors help and mark the exercises as done.

There will be paja every day, as follows (new times every week). Come any time you like. Also the Finnish first year students will be there, they’re fun to chat with for sure!

Paja at BK107 as follows:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10-20 10-20 10-20 12-20 14-16


About the course

Worth 1 study point

There will be about 80 exercises.
(The amount may change so do not try to optimize)

You need to complete at least 70% in order to pass the course with the lowest grade (1).

The course will be graded by the amount of exercises you have completed.

To get the top grade 5 you need to do 95%

There is no exam.

About the exercises

You need to be able to explain your solution in detail to the instructor.

Definition of done:

  • you understand what your code / piece of assignment does and why
  • your solution matches all the criteria given in the assignment

Returning the exercises

On the deadline day:

  • come to paja with your completed exercises by 6PM and take a place in the line
  • returning can take 2 hours or more

A clever student comes to return the exercises before the deadline, and does not have to wait that long.


Department’s Ubuntu environment (deadline Mon 8.9. @ 18:00)
HTML5 + CSS (deadline Mon 15.9. @ 18:00)
Linux remote connections and shell scripting (deadline Mon 22.9. @ 18:00)
Spreadsheets and latex (deadline Mon 29.9. @ 18:00)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at