The Helsinki School of Urban Studies

The Urban Studies Program at the University of Helsinki (School of Public Policy in the Faculty of Social Sciences) is a multidisciplinary program (drawing from sociology, economics and geography) that enables students to understand cities and critically evaluate urban processes such as segregation, gentrification and redevelopment and policies affecting urban change. The program familiarizes students with various theories, concepts and methods of urban studies, and prepares students for a variety of careers in the public and private sector. The community of urban scholars in the School of Public Policy consists of master and PhD students, teachers and researchers around the world. Among the master and PhD theses are the following: land grabbing in Cambodia, privacy of home in St. Petersburg, urban tourism in Istanbul and Helsinki, gentrification and the rent gap, design capital projects in Seoul and Helsinki, housing in China, violence against women in Bangkok and Helsinki, territorial stigmatization in a Helsinki neighborhood, redevelopment of brownfield sites, town planning and property rights.

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