Project activities

Component 1.Project Management (PM)

Project management will be carried out by the Department of Forest Sciences/VITRI of the UH. The HEFSESE project will be led by Porf. Markku Kanninen (VITRI Director) and coordinated by, Dr. Mohamed ElFadl (Docent), who will implement and carry out this project.  The objective of the component is to ensure the delivery capacity and successful implementation of the project. This entails efficient coordination between and among the components and the personnel involved in the implementation of project activities with effective use of the resources. Also includes putting in place all the needed resources and procurement management for timely implementation to achieve the planned results.

The two partners will establish a project steering committee (PSC) to for overall project implementation. Headed by the project coordinator, the steering committee will give policy direction and monitor the implementation of the project activities. The committee will also facilitate the resources mobilization towards achievement of the objectives.

Component 2. Students and Teachers Visits

To produce more and better qualified teachers and researchers relevant to the needs of the country and region and to deliver high quality education, as well as building HAC’s capacity to deliver relevant and high quality research, HEFSESE project includes a component on doctoral training. This component is founded upon the principle that tomorrow’s researchers and higher education leaders need to be trained in the same conditions in which they work, then acquired new knowledge can encompass the context in which it is produced, and thus provide novel answers to questions that are posed from within Africa.

A total of five MSc students will visit Finland each for a period of three months. The visiting students will benefit from the courses offered in the University of Helsinki each in his/her respected field. Additionally students will have access to the more facilities in the laboratories and benefit from the library especially the electronic library which give them the opportunity to prepare their doctoral research proposals.