On-going doctoral thesis projects

Anne Arvola
Sustained and sustainable small scale tree growing schemes

Marisa Camargo
Business solutions for climate governance: towards effective forest governance

Dipjoy Chakma
Land Use, People’s livelihood and Forest management: case study in Lao PDR

Raul Cordova
Tropical Highland Agroforestry Systems for Climate Change Adaptation of Smallholder Farmers in Ecuador

Daniel Etongo-Bau
Deforestation and degradation in Southern Burkina Faso: Understanding the drivers and options for sustainable forest management

Mustafa Fahmi
Trees and livelihoods of the rural people in semi-arid zone of Sudan – building resilience and reducing vulnerability

Adrian Monge
Sustainable management of forests and its potential for the maintenance and enhancement of carbon stocks in Costa Rica and Mexico

Enass Salih
Ethnobotanical, biological and phytochemistry study of some African medicinal plants

Yitagesu Tekle
Assessing impacts of FLEGT and REDD+ measures on African forests and wood products