Seminar programme

Spring 2023

The seminar takes place in  U35, sh 114  on Mondays, 16:15–17:45.


16.01.2023 /
30.01.2023 /
13.02.2023 Halmesvaara Otto: “The psychosocial effects of receiving polygenic risk information: Results from the study”.
27.02.2023 Volotinen Lotta: “Educational outcomes in neurodivergent families: a register-based study of children and their parents”.
13.03.2023 Miika Mäki: “Childhood circumstances and resilience factors as predictors of romantic relationship histories”.

Commentator:Antti Etholén

27.03.2023 Luukkonen Juha: “Socioeconomic determinants of violence after a large alcohol price cut”
24.04.2023 Antti Etholén: “An artificial intelligence approach to identify joint latent clusters of insomnia symptoms and pain and their associations with cognitive functioning changes during post retirement”.

Commentator:Miika Mäki

08.05.2023 Jenna Grundström: “Trajectories of mental health and alcohol use before and after the transition to parenthood”.