Seminar programme

Spring 2019


The seminar takes place on Mondays, 16:15–17:45  in Unioninkatu 35, lecture room 113. Possible exceptions are noted below.


1 Feb, at 12                Natalia Skogberg will defend her doctoral dissertation entitled “Cardiovascular risk factors among Russian, Somali and Kurdish origin populations in Finland“. he public examination will take place: Biomedicum 1, Lecture hall 3, Haartmaninkatu 8, Helsinki.


25 Feb               Joonas Pitkänen Childhood adversities as determinants of self-harm. Separating between maternal and paternal characteristics. Article Manuscript. Commentator: Antti Kääriälä.

1 Apr                Liina Junna Unemployment and substance-use related hospitalization and death: a longitudinal study on workplace downsizing and closure. Article manuscript. Commentator: Hanna Rinne.

15 Apr            Karoliina Suonpää. Crime and income trajectories after incarceration. Article manuscript. Commentator: Janne Mikkonen.

29 Apr                Juha Luukkonen. Industrial automation and labor market outcomes of different sociodemographic groups. Article Manuscript. Commentator: Liina Junna.

13 May              Lars Leeman. Experiences of Social Inclusion and Participation. Article Manuscript. Commentator: Joonas Pitkänen.