Seminar programme

Autumn 2023

The seminar takes place in  U35, sh 114  on Mondays, 16:15–17:45.


4.9.2023 Ponkilainen Maria: Union dissolution among same-sex couples

(Commentator: Volotinen Lotta)

18.9.2023 /
2.10.2023 Volotinen Lotta: Parental socioeconomic position, family history of ADHD and offspring ADHD diagnosis

(Commentator: Ponkilainen Maria)


Suulamo Ulla: Living arrangement differences in mortality in Finland, 1990-2020

30.10.2023 Xu Zong: Childhood living conditions as predictors of health status in elderly European populations: Evidence from a machine learning analysis
13.11.2023 /
27.11.2023 Variskallio Sanni: Health related consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic: social disparities in mental health, cancer mortality, and children’s vaccination uptake

(Commentator: Xu Zong)


Raittila Simo: Socioeconomic Differences in Vulnerability to Self-Harm in Finnish working-age population from 1989 to 2021