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Education export madness

Another example of people trying to milk the myths of Finnish education, combining it with exoticism and Santa Claus!

Madness, shame!

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University Teacher Development Workshop (Shanghai)

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Forthcoming: Heidi Layne’s viva (12.8)

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Imaginaries to support anti-democracy!

My own Finnish nightmare…

“Attending the Brussels summit of EU leaders gathering to consider a way forward following the Brexit vote, Prime Minister Juha Sipilä reiterated that there would be no Finnish referendum on EU membership.

“For me the answer has been clear that it [a referendum] won’t be organised. We have voted on it once and we Finns believe in one time,” Sipilä said.”


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For those who still believe that Finland is a country of equality/equity and all that stuff – think twice.

Aalto University is organising a summer course entitled DIPLOMA IN INNOVATION IN EDUCATION. A one-week course is over 6000e!

Who can afford this course? Why would they join this course? What are the real objectives of the course? Innovation?

The usual propaganda about Finnish education is used to ‘sell’ this course: Experiencing the Finnish way of learning (there is none!), Visiting a leading school in innovation (wonder which one), etc. Slogan: Make your school flourish! Learn how the PISA success was built in Finland. : (

Simply shocking… Stop the madness…

Check HERE

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Do you speak any English?

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CERA 2016

A ‘Golden Era’ for China & UK Educational Relations

CERA 2016 conference website


Tinghe, Fred, Anu and Haiqin, all members of CERG


Interculturality in Education: A Theoretical and Methodological Toolbox
Dervin, Fred
2016, Palgrave Macmillan

This book explores the decades-long use of the notion of interculturality in education and other fields, arguing that it is now time to move beyond certain assumptions towards a richer and more realistic understanding of the ‘intercultural’. Many concepts such as culture, identity and intercultural competence are discussed and revised. Myths about interculturality are also unpacked and dispelled. Written by one of the leading scholars in the field, this book proposes a very useful framework to address theoretical and methodological issues related to interculturality. This somewhat provocative book will be of interest to anyone who wrestles with this knotty but central notion of our times.

Click HERE

Table of contents

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The end of the EU machine around the corner?

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Glorious day!

The realm of self-congratulation…

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