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Pia-Maria Niemi’s defence on 10.12.2016

“Creating A Sense of Membership in Basic Education : The contributions of Schoolwide Events”

This study investigates the ways that schoolwide events can contribute to the creation of membership in a school community. An essential aspect of school life across grade levels and national contexts, the sense of membership refers to a situation in which a student is accepted as part of a group by others and feels connected with the other members of the community. The importance of membership has been highlighted in international studies that have shown the positive relation between students sense of school belonging and several academic and non-academic features of their lives, such as their motivation for learning and general future orientation. To increase the knowledge of how school practices can support students sense of membership, this study focuses on schoolwide events, including celebrations, theme days, and other organized activities for the entire school community’s participation…

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Fred Dervin: “We must imagine Sisyphus happy”


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This volume aims to stimulate interest in the under‐researched role of silent partners (SPs) in multicultural education. Silent partners include formal and informal places‐spaces in schools (e.g. architecture, classroom facilities, libraries, corridors, playgrounds, canteens), objects (e.g. teaching aids, furniture, wall decorations and overall interior design), interactive technologies (use of devices and applications) but also often taken‐for‐granted and not immediately visible patterns of thought, ideologies and assumptions.

People involved in education all engage and work with a number of SPs that contribute to the delivery of curricula, but also to social life and well‐being in and out of schools. The way places‐spaces, objects and technologies influence the school community’s experiences of learning, well‐being and social justice is rarely observed and problematised in education – hence the adjective ‘silent’ in the term ‘silent partners’.

This book not only fills a significant empirical gap, but it can also inject public debate over future working environments in schools for multicultural education. It will be relevant to both researchers interested in developing their knowledge on these issues from a different perspective but also educators in search of inspiration for multicultural education.


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This book calls for a change in the way interculturality is introduced in Chinese language education, while the demand for Chinese language teaching increases around the world. The concept of culture – as in the phrase ‘Chinese culture’ – has often been one of the main emphases of Chinese language education, providing students with facts about China and ‘recipes’ on how to meet Chinese people and how to behave like them. However, Chinese culture, like all cultures, does not constitute a closed system, but is constantly evolving and exchanging with other cultures.

This unique volume comprises studies from around the world that promote intercultural awareness, dialogue, and encounters in Chinese language education. Written in a clear and readable style, this book will appeal to a diverse readership, from practising and training teachers of Chinese, to researchers interested in language and intercultural education.


PISA-Primus Finnland gestrauchelt, nicht gefallen (Deutschlandfunk)


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Chun Zhang’s PhD defense


Becoming a ‘good’ Chinese language teachers. Professional identity, learning experience and teaching culture. Aalborg University, Denmark

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International Journal of Bias, Identity and Diversities in Education (IJBIDE) 2(1) has been published.

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Regis Machart, our former co-editor. Read our introduction here

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