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HIGHLY recommended!

A memoir and more. Seth Polley, a once well-employed Episcopal priest, tells the story of the night he lit up to avoid burn out. Humorous and poignant, autobiographical and then some, The Vicar’s Night Out is Polley’s first foray into telling the story about what happened when Polley went green, things went south, and he wound up back in high school.

“In this moving and exciting story Seth Polley has managed to give novelty and originality to a story that is more and more common today: The experience of burnout. What makes the book original is the fact that the main character is a priest, who finds solace in marijuana. Set in Bisbee Arizona, on the border between Mexico and the US, The Vicar’s Night Out will enchant readers who know this fascinating town. Polley has a real gift of storytelling that absorbs. Definitely a writer worth following!”
Prof. Fred Dervin, University of Helsinki, Finland