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New forth. book

Book title: Critical Interculturality: Lectures and Notes (2017, Newcastle: CSP)

Series title: Post-intercultural Communication and Education

This book offers new critical and interdisciplinary insights into intercultural communication and education. It assembles previously unpublished lectures delivered in different countries (Canada, China, Finland, Russia and the USA), as well as notes on intercultural events and encounters. The lectures propose conceptual, theoretical, and methodological discussions, and introduce a range of examples to encourage readers to reappraise their own ways of thinking about interculturality. The notes help readers to develop their critical and reflexive thinking. Critical Interculturality represents an attempt to fill a lacuna by helping students, practitioners, scholars and decision-makers to understand the complexities of critical interculturality. The book also stimulates discussion about the challenges ahead.


Fred Dervin (文德) is Professor of Multicultural Education at the University of Helsinki (Finland), where he leads the TENSION Research Group (Criticality, Interculturality and Bias in Education). Dervin has been awarded several honorary titles in Australia, Canada, China, Luxembourg, Malaysia and Sweden. He is a leading authority on multicultural/intercultural education in the world.