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The American Way or the Nordic Model

The American Way and the Nordic Model:
Reflections on the Marshall Plan.

Syddansk Universitet Odense

Wednesday October 22, 12.15-16.30
in Mødelokale 6

12.15:  Introduction
 Associate Professor Nils Arne Sørensen, SDU

12.30:  National. Nordic or International – Denmark and the Challenge of the Marshall Plan 
 Professor Thorsten B. Olesen, University of Aarhus
13.00:  The Marshall Plan in Norway: Government Response and Media Representations
 Professor Helge Pharo, University of Oslo
13.30:  Discussion
14.15:  Coffee
14.45:  An Engine for Modernization: The Danish Productivity  Board and the Technical Assistance Programme..
 Doctoral Student Sissel Bjerrum, SDU
15.15:  Americanization and National Models in the Making of  Economic Policy: Comparing Austria and Finland in the  Era of the Marshall Plan
 Post. Doc. Johanna Rainio, University of Helsinki
15.45:  Discussion

The seminar is organized by NCoE Nordwel (Nordforsk) and Amerikansk på Dansk
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