About us

Nordic Centre of Excellence: The Nordic Welfare State – Historical Foundations and Future Challenges (NordWel), is a multi-disciplinary, cross-national research centre of eight partner units in Nordic universities, that operated in 2007-2014 as a part of NordForsk Nordic Centre of Excellence programme on welfare.

Based on the best practices created, NordWel Summer School continues to bring together PhD students and well-established international scholars in scientific exchange.

Summer School

NordWel Summer School is a yearly intensive course to stimulate discussions across disciplines and foster innovative cross-disciplinary research on the development of welfare states over time. Next Summer School will be held in 2019. Follow the website for further instructions and call for papers.

See more about the previous NordWel Summer Schools.

NordWel – Research Centre

NordWel works to qualify the discussion about the Nordic welfare state – the idea is to understand it as the locus of many intertwining changes. Learn more about the research agenda.

A cross-national centre of eight partner units in Nordic universities operated in 2007-2014 working on cutting edge research. See more about the publications.