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Theme Groups

NordWel activities are freely organised around five theme groups.  Each theme group is chaired by two or three senior scientists. By means of their seminars, conferences and publication projects, the theme groups help to create problem-oriented coherence and continuity in this multi-circle research cooperation.

Many individual projects of NordWel researchers address the topics of not just one but several theme groups. As a rule, theme group seminars and conferences are open to all researchers working within the Centre.

If you are interested in our activities, please contact the contact person of your own partner institution.

1. Religion, Lutheranism and the Nordic Welfare State Model
Chairs: Pirjo Markkola, Bo Stråth
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2. The National Welfare State: Citizenship and Democracy
Chairs: Urban Lundberg, Niels Finn Christiansen, Stein Kuhnle
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3. Epistemic Communities: Knowledge and Social Interests in the Making of the Nordic Welfare State
Chairs: Klaus Petersen, Bente Rosenbeck, Åsa Lundqvist
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4. The Value Systems and Legitimacy in the Nordic Welfare State Model
Chairs: Nanna Kildal, Helena Blomberg-Kroll, Jørn Henrik Petersen
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5. The Normative Charges of Work: The Labour Market and the Welfare State
Co-Chairs: Pauli Kettunen, Nils Edling, Gudmundur Jonsson
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