Research and Doctoral Studies

Helsinki Anthropology aims to be at the forefront of developing fresh ways to research and understand the social and cultural complexities of contemporary conditions, both conceptually and empirically.

Our department offers researchers broad international networks, with strong connections to anthropology departments in universities all around the world.

Doctoral Programme

Doctoral education is an integral part of the discipline of Social and Cultural Anthropology in Helsinki. In the programme seminars and course studies of comparative ethnography and general anthropological theory support the individual research topics. The importance of ethnography and fieldwork is underlined.  The Doctoral programme in Anthropology is part of the Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences.


The majority of anthropology researchers and graduate students at the University of Helsinki conduct fieldwork. The fieldwork performed for the Master’s thesis typically comprises a period of some months whereas scholars working on their Doctoral dissertation will stay in the field for a year or longer. Helsinki’s social and cultural anthropologists have performed their research in diverse geographical locations.