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Just moved to a new city and don’t know anybody? Or are you feeling lonely in company cause none of your friends really get your passion for My Little Ponies? No matter what your interest are, there are people with the same passion out there. FIHMY will help you to find these new friends! The web service is super easy to use, also with mobile devices. With just a few clics you are able to mark your interests and see how many registered users are interested about the same things in your area. Then you can jump in the events organized by other users around an interest. Or you can set a date and invite eg. other local My Little Pony fans to meet you. When you meet face-to-face, you will all know that you have something to babble, rally or gossip about. And that, dear folks, could be a start of a beautiful friendship.

Link to the presentation:


Back-end: NodeJs + ExpressJs + MongoDB

Font-end: AngularJs

The back-end solution worked well, NodeJs allowing for quick and dirty solutions to be made which sped up the production.

The front-end was a learning process… The only experienced AngularJs developer in the team had to leave and the two others had to wrangle with it the rest of the project. But it worked quite well in the end. AngularJs is like magic, with its automatic dependecy injections and two-way data binding. What made the AngularJs development process easier was the desicion to use a Yeoman generator for the project. It allowed us to ignore many aspects of how AngularJs works, and concentrate on the essentials.


  • Keep it Simple, Stupid (KISS). Kill features, kill some more features and then cut the features in half.
  • Do not think about code quality. Just hack it together and get things done. It doesn’t matter if the server crashes when the client gives the wrong data, as long as it works during the demo.



5 thoughts on “Team Getogether”

  1. Very social app i always face this situation when we shift from one place to another and had difficult time in finding new friends. his app looks to be the solution.

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