Ida-Lotta Myllylä

My name is Ida-Lotta, and I’m an aspiring phonetician from Helsinki, Finland.

I have a BA degree in linguistics from the University of Helsinki, which I completed with a strong focus on phonetics. I’ve since continued to pursue an MA in phonetics in the international program of Linguistic Diversity and Digital Humanities. My research interests include the examining and modeling of prosody, clinical phonetics, and the diverse variety of research problems related to atypical phonation, as well as creating experimental designs applicable to phonetics and also cognitive science. This year, I’ve been working as a research assistant at UH. In my free time, I really enjoy traveling, watching films, and reading.

In this project, my responsibilities include observing the fieldwork, phonetic analysis, and also general responsibilities of keeping the team on track and things running smoothly – at least for the most part


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