Lecture course: Memory, identity and culture in Europe (MICE)

The lecture course MICE is one of the outcomes of the Asymmetries project. It reflects on Europe cultural and historical space, historiography and transnationalism. In the ethos of new and creative pedagogy, it develops problem-based learning to humanities and social sciences.

Lecture course on Memory, identity and culture in Europe (aka MICE) (Hyl 214A) (XAK271E/XAK278E/XAK350E), 5 op

Course teacher:
Emilia Palonen, PhD, Researcher at the Asymmetries in European Intellectual Space

This course will address European history and cultural politics, nationalism. The course is based on the course teachers ongoing work between history, cultural studies and politics, and the aim is to concertize a link between the dichotomous history of Europe. The course aims at both providing academic knowledge of canonical debates on memory, identity, culture and history in Europe, and transferable skills of knowledge-production, debate and problem-solving. Europe as an uneven and historical cultural space becomes concrete to the students through history, historiography and writings on European identity. Starting from two different challenges for Europe outlined by eminent historians, and their critical and reflective assessment, the participants launch an inquiry to the foundations of these ideas and the narratives on Europe they evoke. Europe appears as a transnational space, lived, memorized, historicised and idealized in different ways and at different levels. Continue reading