THE 3RD BONUS SYMPOSIUM: Sustainable ecosystem governance under changing climate and land use in the Baltic Sea region

Time: 14-16 March, 2018
Location:  Gdansk, Poland

The 3rd BONUS SYMPOSIUM in Gdańsk (14-16 March 2018) presented results achieved in four BONUS projects ending in 2018: BONUS BALTICAPP, BONUS GO4BALTIC, BONUS MIRACLE and BONUS SOILS2SEA. The event gathered about 125 participants representing policy makers, stakeholders and scientists. See more here.

BalticAPP presentations in the symposium:

BONUS BALTICAPP: Project Summary

Zandersen et al.: Using extended socio-economic scenarios to investigate drivers
and pressures on the Baltic Sea up to 2100

Ehrnsten et al.: Benthic -pelagic coupling in coastal seas – modeling macrofaunal biomass production in response to organic matter input

Pouta et al.: Cultural ecosystem services (CES) provided by the Baltic Sea marine environment 

Czajkowski et al.: Spatially-explicit recreation model of the Baltic Sea

Bertram et al.: Contingent behavior and asymmetric preferences – Valuing recreational benefits of the Baltic Sea

Artell: Constructing an open citizen science tool to collect information on the Baltic Sea and recreation



HELCOM – BONUS BALTICAPP regional workshop on the use of ecological–economic research to support and improve marine policy implementation in the Baltic Sea region

Time: March 29-30, 2017
Location: Stockholm, Stockholm University

The workshop aimed at building understanding about how the ongoing ecological-economic research can support marine policy implementation and integrated management, and identify existing gaps and priorities for future social and economic research in order to reach policy objectives in the Baltic Sea region.

The report can be found here


Stankiewicz: developments and need in marine policies

Zapatero: Directive on marine spatial planning

Zandersen: Plausible future development for the Baltic Sea

Saraiva: Projections of Baltic Sea state under changing climate and society

Bartosova: Scenario analysis of the Baltic Sea Basin

Ahtiainen: Marine and coastal recreation in the Baltic Sea

Gilek: Sustainable governance of marine space

Schmidtbauer-Crona: Swedish marine spatial plans

Ivarsson: ecosystem service approach to marine spatial planning

Almroth-Rosell: Nutrient retention in coastal zone

Hoermandinger: BLUE2 project EU integrated policy assessment

Oinonen: Regional economic and social analyses in the the Baltic Sea

Hasler: Policies to mitigate nutrient pollution

BONUS pilot workshop on scenarios

Time: April 6-7, 2016IMG_0052
Location: Helsinki, University of Helsinki, Minerva-tori

The workshop envisaged the challenges that global socioeconomic futures and changing climate cause for mitigating environmental problems in the Baltic Sea region.


See the Agenda for the workshop on scenarios

The presentations of the workshop:

Keynote presentation on SSPs by Detlef van Vuuren

Background Material – Marianne Zandersen

Future climate projections for the Baltic Sea Region by Sofia Saraiva

Global Assessments by Jan Bakkes

Introduction to the group work by Kari Hyytiäinen


21st Annual Conference of European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

Time: June 24-27, 2015
Location: Helsinki, University of Helsinki

Including thematic session on the “New views to combat eutrophication in the Baltic Sea” and policy session on the ” Assessing societal costs and benefits for the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive”

Read more about the conference. Full programme available.



10th Baltic Sea Science Congress and BONUS forum policy day

Time: 17th June, 2015
Location: Radisson Blue Hotel Latvija, Riga, Latvia

BalticAPP and other BONUS funded projects present their topics in the policy day.

Learn more about the congress and read the full programme.