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  • Meier, H. E. M., M. Edman, K. Eilola, M. Placke, T. Neumann, H. Andersson, S.-E. Brunnabend, C. Dieterich, C. Frauen, R. Friedland, M. Gröger, B. G. Gustafsson, E. Gustafsson, A. Isaev, M. Kniebusch, I. Kuznetsov, B. Müller-Karulis, M. Naumann, A. Omstedt, V. Ryabchenko, S. Saraiva, and O. P. Savchuk, 2019: Assessment of uncertainties in scenario simulations of biogeochemical cycles in the Baltic Sea. Frontiers in Marine Science, 6:46,
  • Hieronymus, J., Eilola, K., Hieronymus, M., Meier, H.E.M., Saraiva, S., Karlson, B. 2018. Causes of simulated long-term changes in phytoplankton biomass in the Baltic proper: a wavelet analysis. Biogeosciences, 15, 5113–5129,
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  • D1.1 Report on regionalized SSPs and RCPs resulting in a coherent set of climate and socioeconomic scenarios for the Baltic Sea region REPORT
  • D2.2 Report of the national distribution of recreation benefits around the Baltic Sea REPORT
  • D2.3 Operationalization of marine cultural ecosystem services  REPORT
  • D2.4 Survey instrument on the SoftGIS platform REPORT
  • D3.6 A dynamic cost-and-effect model under changing climate and socioeconomic drivers REPORT
  • D4.2 Workshop on scenarios REPORT
  • D4.3 First version of mobile application ready for public testing  REPORT
  • D4.4 Regional workshop on use of ecological-economic research to support and improve marine policy implementation in the Baltic Sea region REPORT
  • D4.5 Report on Stakeholder conference REPORT
  • D5.2 Periodic report I SUMMARY
  • D5.3 Period report II SUMMARY

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