Riga intensive course


The National Library of Latvia

The resilience of Baltic and Eastern European democracies: Theoretical and methodological approaches (5 ECTS) – Riga, 19-25 March 2023

Read a summary of pedagogical experiences from the BAMSE Riga intensive course (in pdf format) written by the course teachers!

We were glad to meet with students and teacher in Riga in spring 2023. Welcome to read more at the BAMSE network News & Events website.

Call for applications

This course discusses the concept of resilience in connection to Baltic and Eastern European societies and political systems. In recent years, we have experienced the COVID-19 pandemic, hybrid threats, brutal war in Ukraine, inflation, sky-high energy prices and dropping living standards. The consequences of these events have been significant for our societies. We want to find out how security concerns interact with societal resilience. We concentrate on analyzing the key issues that determine governmentality, economic resilience, and environmental awareness. Memory politics is transforming identities, but which memory templates are the most sustainable?

Master’s degree students and advanced bachelor’s degree students from the BAMSE network universities can apply. Ukrainian students – who have fled the war and received a place to study or are enrolled in an exchange programme at one of the networks’ universities – are encouraged to apply. The call for applications is open until 16 February, 2023.

You can find the application instructions in the call (in pdf format).

Please note that in the call the University of Helsinki list of study units to which the credits can be applied was updated 7.2.2023.