Detailed information on the BITE software, instalation, syntax, the data and the output can be found in the Bite manual.

Short description

Features available in BITE at the moment:

  • Hierarchical structure of the intensity model
  • Estimation of baseline hazard on real line
  • Incorporation of covariates either in multiplicative or additive form
  • Frailty component
  • Estimation of various posterior expectations

Input data as separate text files

  • response (point process) data containing individual’s entry and exit time as well as type of response (event, censoring)
  • covariates of three types: start points such as birth times, scalars such as gender, time-dependent covariates

Core elements of model specification

  • Separate file with the model description using BITE syntax
  • Simulation limits and data files to load
  • Specification of prior, initializing model functions
  • Saving Monte Carlo chain
  • Intensity model
  • Graphical output




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