Keynote speaker

Professor Norman Daniels is Professor of Population Ethics and Professor of Ethics and Population Health in the Department of Global Health and Population at the Harvard School of Public Health (Boston, USA).


Professor Daniels is known especially for his work on theories of justice, intergenerational equity, distribution of health care resources, reforms in the health care systems, and most recently, on the global aspects of health justice. His most noted publications include Just Health Care (CUP, 1985) and Just Health: Meeting Health Needs Fairly (CUP, 2008).

The title of Professor Daniel’s plenary address is “International Health Inequalities and Global Justice”:

“Two polar views have dominated theoretical discussions of global justice, namely a cosmopolitan view that treats all individuals as members of the “cosmos,” and a statist view that treats the grouping of individuals into states as relevant to claims about what justice requires. I shall argue for a middle view that looks to emerging institutions and relationships as contexts in which we must develop an account of what justice requires globally. “

Venue and time of the plenary lecture: Thursday 26.9, 17:40 – 18:55 University of Helsinki, Main Building, lecture hall 13 (Fabianinkatu 33, 3rd floor).

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