Biorefining is an emerging multidisciplinary field
focusing on novel uses of renewable raw materials.

The Doctoral Programme for Biomass Refining is a high quality national educational programme which strengthens knowledge in basic sciences related to renewable raw materials; the chemistry (organic, physical and polymer chemistry), physics (surface and material physics), biochemistry and biotechnology of lignocellulosic raw materials, as well as related analytical methodologies and various application technologies. The BIOREGS programme forms a multiscientific consortium within the research groups active on renewable raw materials in Finland. The aim of the programme is to improve the education in the sector by bringing together doctoral students, scientists and teachers into interaction by education and research platform in the area of biomass refining.

The cross-disciplinary BIOREGS programme started in January 2010. The programme is supported by the Academy of Finland and administered and coordinated by the University of Helsinki, the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. Other host institutions are Aalto University, Åbo Akademi University and VTT. Currently, the programme has about 40 doctoral students.

The courses aim at providing most up-to-date knowledge on areas related to natural sciences of renewable raw materials; organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology, material chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry and physics). molecular biology, cell biology and biotechnology. The training provides the students with a wide perspective of their research area which will enable them to utilize their education on various disciplines.