Credits for students

Credits for students:

  • 1 cr (ECTS) for participation in all scientific sessions of the symposium (lecture diaries are required for credit)
  • 1 cr for a poster presentation at the symposium.
  • For University of Helsinki students, credit(s) will be registered using course code NEUBM-10x.
  • For students from other universities, a certificate of participation will be sent by email after all assignments (lecture diary and/or poster presentation) have been approved.

Instructions for lecture/learning diaries:

A lecture or learning diary is a tool reflecting your learning process. It gives information about the progress of the studies and helps you to record, structure and evaluate your own learning. 

A learning diary aims to evaluate the study process through your own observations and interpretations. It is mental processing of things you have learned – but also of things you recognize are yet to be learned. Ideally, while making the learning report, you should think of connections between issues, concepts and topics and assimilate them into your own broader understanding of the topic. 

In practice:

Write a few sentences for each symposium session (lectures, panel discussions) to reflect your learning: 
  1. What were the topics of the session?
  2.  What did you learn? What was new / what was complementary or overlapping with your previous studies? Was there something that changed your views, and why?  
  3. What amazed, inspired or confused you?  What did you not understand or what left you puzzled?

When you write, do not just repeat what was on the slides or what you heard the lecturers say, but speak with your own voice.  

Write your lecture diary in one file (word or pdf) and send it to