Thursday 19 October

9:00 Morning session I: Levels of Memory I

Michael Kiebler, LMU Munich: First insight into forming memories at the molecular level at synapses

Gisella Vetere, ESPCI Paris: Decoding memory formation and consolidation in mice

10:50 Coffee
11:20 Morning session II: Levels of Memory II

Edwin M. Robertson, University of Glasgow: Sharing information between human memory systems

Miriam Nokia, University of Jyväskylä: Optimizing learning

13:00 Lunch
13:45 Afternoon session: Ethics, FUNDING AND PUBLISHING IN Neuroscience

John Foxe, University of Rochester: The dos, don’ts, whys and why nots of publishing your neuroscience research

Päivi Kolu, Research Council of Finland: Upholding Excellence: Nurturing Ethical Conduct and Integrity in funded research projects

Monique Havermans (EARA): Animal Research?… It’s time to talk!
16:15 Panel discussion with all day I speakers
* * *
18– Conference dinner in Restaurant Sipuli


Friday 20 October

10:00 Morning session: Brain dynamics

Joachim Gross, University of Münster: MEG studies of rhythms in body and brain

Samora Okujeni, Freiburg University: Structural Modularity promotes Mesoscale Criticality in Neuronal Networks

11:40 lunch
12:30 afternoon session: brain health

Eero Vuoksimaa, University of Helsinki: Early prediction of cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease

Sarah Bauermeister, Oxford University: The DPUK Data Portal: Large multimodal multi-cohort datasets for translational research

Michael Halassa, Tuft University/University of Helsinki: Thalamic regulation of prefrontal dynamics for cognitive control

15:00 Panel discussion with all day II speakers
15:40 symposium Concluding remarks & poster session introduction
16–18 coffee & poster session

Poster session