Marta Lorenzon is the PI of the project #BuildingSustainability funded by the University of Helsinki. She has a background in archaeology and architecture with a research focus on earthen constructions. Her current research projects investigate the built environment as part of material culture to determine issues of communities’ self-characterization, craft specialization, identities creation and preservation within transitional and non-transitional societies. She concentrates especially on adopting multidisciplinary approaches to investigate construction skill transfer and architectural significance within urban environment (vice-team leader, team 3, CoE ANEE). Her other project Building Identities in Border Areas: cultures, narratives and architectureis a pilot study focusing on Nubian heritage and funded by the Future Fund, University of Helsinki.

Uine Kailamäki is a PhD student in archaeology affiliated to the project. She has a background in geology, chemistry and radiochemistry. She has a strong interest in emerging scientific methods that can be used in solving archaeological questions. Her master’s thesis attempts to date Finnish rock art using the uranium-thorium method.



Benjamín Cutillas-Victoria is a postdoctoral researcher (PhD University of Murcia, Spain) with expertise in archaeometry. His PhD focuses on the study of the ceramic assemblages of the autochthonous communities and Phoenicians in the Iberian Southeast. His research explores archaeometric data to investigate the configuration of identities, agency, cultural resistance or hybridisation.  His training in archaeometry has been possible thanks to several formation stages at the Universities of Barcelona, Sheffield and Lisbon.

Caroline Wallis

Caroline Wallis is a social anthropologist who studies on imperial identities or  the forms of collective identification produced by the State and the role of ritualization (CoE ANEE). She collaborates on #BuildingSustainability focusing on the anthropological impact of building processes and practices.


Collaborators of the project include: Professor Maria Iacovou, director of PULP (Palaepaphos Urban Landscape Project) and Professor of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology at the University of Cyprus, and Dr. Alexander Fantalkin, director of the Ashdod-Yam excavation project and senior lecturer at Tel Aviv University.