BYSTar project

BYSTar is an interdisciplinary and multi-method research project focusing on bystander action in incidents of racial prejudice and discrimination in higher educational settings in Finland.

By utilizing social psychological knowledge on interracial interactions, behavioral sciences’ insight on translating behavioral intentions into action, and educational sciences expertise in learning and education, we aim examine the underlying factors of bystander behavior. By doing so, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of the barriers and facilitators of bystander action in racist and discriminating situations both from the perspectives of the bystanders and the targets of racism and discrimination.

The project is designed to function as the first step in an overarching aim to combat racial and ethnic prejudice in Finland. Our long-term plan is to use the knowledge gained from this project in developing a research-based and culturally relevant bystander intervention program
for Higher Education institutes in Finland.

The project is funded by Kone Foundation.