Over the past few years, the CEF has become widely known in Europe. However, it is not necessarily understood or implemented in the same way in different countries. This training materials site is intended to ensure that we share a common understanding of the CEF’s principles and language scales.

Both Familiarisation and Training area will help us to achieve this common understanding the CEF levels, so that

My B1 is your B1.

Familiarisation is a good starting point, if you have not much prior experience in using the CEF scales.

In the testing field

The Council of Europe has published a Manual, accompanied with illustrative materials, to help the testing community relate exams to the CEF. These materials can be downloaded from the Council of Europe’s Language Policy Division web page.

– Relating Language Examinations to the CEF. Manual Preliminary Pilot Version (September 2003)

– Reference Supplement

– Performance Samples and Test tasks

In the teaching field

The CEF is not a curriculum, but curricula in Europe are incorporating the CEF principles gradually and are adopting the CEF levels. The Council of Europe took the lead in the dissemination of the CEF with the publication of the European Language Portfolio (ELP). The ELP is a powerful pedagogical tool for teachers and was developed to mediate the CEF levels and principles to language learners.

Additional information on the European Language Portfolio can be found at: