Training area

These instructions concern all the activities in the training area. Please read them carefully and then choose which communicative activity you wish to work with.

Step 1: Get familiar with the task and read the instructions. It will give you an idea of what the sample is about, what the students have been asked to do to accomplish the task, etc.

Step 2: Rate the sample with all the relevant scales that will be shown on the screen.
• First read the scale on the screen
• Click on the descriptor you have chosen
• Click on “Select”
• After checking the instant feedback, click on “Next”
• Use the same procedure to go through the other pre-selected scales

Step 3: If available, read comments that justify the CEFTrain rating.

Step 4: The program keeps track of your answers. To compare your own ratings with those of CEFTrain, click on “Scales” and then on “Next”. If only one descriptor is highlighted in a green area, your choice matched that of CEFTrain. Otherwise, your choice appears as a second highlighted area.

Step 5: Go to “Specifications”; it gives information on the school sector, age-group, and other task parameters.

On the next page, choose which of the communicative activities (listening, speaking, reading, writing) you wish to grade now.

Good grading!

Communicative activities