New publications from Cultural Heritage Studies

New peer reviewed articles have recently been published featuring researchers from Cultural Heritage Studies at the University of Helsinki.

In “Asset, Burden, Cultybraggan. Community Site Ownership in a Scottish Village“, Suzie Thomas and Iain Banks (University of Glasgow) write about their ethnographic and public archaeology research at a former Prisoner of War camp in central Scotland and discuss the challenges faced by the local village, who just over a decade ago elected to buy the site from the UK Ministry of Defense. The article is open access.

Fool’s Gold? A critical assessment of sources of data on heritage crime” by Louise Grove (Loughborough University), Suzie Thomas and Adam Daubney (Portable Antiquities Scheme and Lincolnshire County Council) is a conceptual paper discussing the limitations and opportunities for current heritage crime research in the UK based on the data available. They consider among other things the idea of the so-called ‘dark figure’ in crime (the crimes that take place but go unreported and hence unknown), and how this concept may affect what we know about heritage crime.

Full references:

Grove, Louise, Suzie Thomas, and Adam Daubney. 2018. “Fool’s gold? A critical assessment of sources of data on heritage crime.” Disaster Prevention and Management: An International Journal (online first)
Thomas, Suzie, and Iain Banks. 2018. “Asset, burden, Cultybraggan. Community site ownership in a Scottish village.” Journal of Community Archaeology & Heritage (online first)

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