In our daily lives, we are surrounded by products and services that claim to be “carbon neutral”. A large part of companies making carbon neutrality claims rely on offsets bought from the voluntary carbon markets to compensate for their own emissions. At the same time, it is difficult for consumers and citizens to evaluate what type of climate action lies behind carbon neutrality claims. This question has only exacerbated as an increasing and diverse set of projects have started selling carbon offsets while the regulation of the voluntary carbon markets is currently unclear.

In the Climakedo project, we approach voluntary carbon offsetting as a rapidly evolving and unsettled form of climate action that raises much debate. We seek to analyze how different actors (e.g. consumers, regulators, carbon offset producers and retailers) engage with voluntary carbon offsetting and shape it. You can read more about the project here.

The Climakedo project is based at the Faculty of Social Science (Sociology) at the University of Helsinki and it is funded by the Kone Foundation for 2021–2025.

Climakedo researchers: Saara Salmivaara, Tomi Lehtimäki, Kamilla Karhunmaa, Mikko Virtanen, Tapio Reinekoski.