Mikko J. Virtanen (PI), DSocSci
Mikko J. Virtanen is a versatile sociologist with theoretical orientation and acts as the Principal Investigator of Climakedo. He is Adjunct Professor of Sociology and works currently as Senior Lecturer in the discipline at the University of Helsinki, Finland, and is also member of Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS). Mikko is interested in both general issues of social theory, social science methodology and qualitative research methods and topical phenomena related to health and ethics, environment and climate, and science and technology. In his recent work on infrastructures of HPV vaccination, energy transportation and climate knowledge, Mikko combines his theoretical scholarship and accurate multi-sited research to generate original outputs of both case studies and research design building.

Kamilla Karhunmaa, DSocSci
Kamilla Karhunmaa is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki. She defended her thesis “Imagining energy transitions: Carbon neutrality in Finland” in June 2021. Kamilla has a background in environmental policy and science and technology studies and has worked on climate and energy issues for the last ten years. Her research interests include the role of science in society, the politics of knowledge production and different modes of environmental governance. Kamilla currently lives in Belgium and is a visiting researcher at Spiral, University of Liège. Previously, Kamilla has been a visiting research fellow at the Science, Technology and Society Programme at Harvard University and worked at Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku.

Saara Salmivaara, MSocSc
Saara Salmivaara is a doctoral candidate in sociology at the University of Helsinki. Her research interests include the styles of reasoning and justification as well as ethical issues in reactions to contemporary issues regarding health and environment. In her doctoral project she investigates how climate change comes to be in everyday life through individualistic, market-based, ‘climate-conscious’ strategies. Her special interest lies in how the different consumer logics behind these strategies are made meaningful, negotiated and justified, and what kind of ethical concerns appear.


Tapio Reinekoski, MSocSc
Tapio Reinekoski is a doctoral researcher in sociology at Tampere University. He studies crisis decision-making practices and the development of experimental policy tools for making do with knowledge and research, especially in efforts to take on climate and environmental change. Tapio works mainly with two Strategic Research Council (Academy of Finland) projects, WISE and LONGRISK.



Tomi Lehtimäki, MSocSc
Tomi Lehtimäki is a sociologist who focuses on environmental issues, food and agriculture, and pragmatic sociology. His doctoral thesis examines the development of organic agriculture in Finland from the perspective of public justification. Currently he is working in the Strategic Research Council’s (Academy of Finland) project Silent agents affected by legislation (SILE), where he focuses on topics related to animal welfare and how the interests of animals are accounted for in law.

Vera Arhippainen, BSocSci
Vera Arhippainen is a masters student at the University Helsinki and works as a research assistant in the CLIMAKEDO project. She is studying Global Sustainability and has a bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences and politics. She has worked with environmental education and journalism. Her interests include arts, communication, education, human rights, and gender studies, as well as sociology, philosophy, and environmental activism.

Research Network

In the Climakedo project, we are collaborating with several national and international partners, including:

Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science

Helsinki Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities

The Centre for Research on Environmental and Social Change (CRESC), University of Antwerp

The Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE)

Spiral Centre, the University of Liège

The Academy of Finland funded WISE-project

The Academy of Finland funded LONGRISK-project