23rd Nordic conference for the Sociology of Religion

 23rd Nordic conference for the Sociology of Religion – call for papers published

CoCare project collaborates with the Nordic Conference for the Sociology of Religion – to bring out new ideas and brightest scholars in the study of religion and society. The theme of the conference 2016 will be Wellbeing, leadership and the lifespan – Current trends in the sociology of religion.

The conference will be held on the 17th–19th of August in 2016 at the University of Helsinki, Finland.

Our project themes will be present in many papers and sessions, sure to evoke fruitful discussion and new ideas.

See the call of papers and more info at the conference website!

See you in Helsinki!


Bright, New Publications

Two new, intriguing books have just been published, with brilliant contributions of our team members:

Solidarity – theory and practice

Edited by Arto Laitinen and Anne Birgitta Pessi
Contributions by Hauke Brunkhorst; Simon Derpmann; He
ikki Hiilamo; Siegwart Lindenberg; Kristen Renwick Monroe; Bente B. Nicolaysen; Juho Saari; Mikko Salmela and Nicholas SmithsolidarityThis book brings together philosophers, social psychologists and social scientists to approach contemporary social reality from the viewpoint of solidarity. It examines the nature of different kinds of solidarity and assesses the normative and explanatory potential of the concept.

More info at Lexington books web page – here!


Positiivisen psykologian voima – (The Power of Positive Psychology)

Edited by Lotta Uusitalo-Malmivaara; Contributions by 24 researchers including Anne Birgitta Pessi, Jari Hakanen, Frank Martela, Markku Ojanen… among others…pospsy–coverThe first Finnish, interdisciplinary textbook on wellbeing and positive psychology.

“Positiivisen psykologian voima on ensimmäinen suomenkielinen monitieteellinen kokoomateos, joka pureutuu hyvinvointiin mindfulnessin, luonteenvahvuuksien, sisun, psykologian, pedagogiikan, onnellisuuksien, myötätunnon, työelämän ja terapian näkökulmista.”

More info at PS-kustannus web page – here!

Say hello to our sister!

Our sister project CoPassion aka.  ‘Compassion – a key to successful and sustainable business’, just started its work on 1.1.2015.

The project is funded by Tekes, as well as small and large Finnish business and will examine the power of compassion and the search for a meaning in worklife, business and finally productivity.

Read more HERE – and expect outstanding results in two years!


New members and ideas

In October we set the cornerstones for our project in a cosy breakfast meeting.


We are happy and proud to introduce and welcome our newest members Miia Paakkanen (right),


Anna Sofia Salonen (left) and Emmi Seppänen (right).


Mindmapping helped us to dig deeper to our shared research themes – and to define how and when we will elaborate them together.


For the year 2015 we have many good things in store…


Funding Acquired, Mission Ahead!

We are orverwhelmed and absolutely enthusiastic to inform, that the Academy of Finland agreed with us on the importance of our research!


CoCARE project was granted a 600k € funding, for the period of 2014-2018.

With the greatest joy we organize our ranks, and start doing what we do best!

The CoCARE team.