Three case studies published

Proposal meeting in Biskopsgården, 4th March 2022 (CC-BY Digidem Lab)

COLDIGIT has published three new reports describing the case studies of democratic innovations. The first case describes the implementation of participatory budgeting (PB) in Helsinki, a broad and lengthy process open to the entire city. The second case is about PB in Gothenburg, but there, it is a public housing company that implements it, in two of the most stigmatized residential areas in the city. The third case describes a Citizen’s assembly, carried out in Trondheim, with the intention of getting residents’ views on the new master plan.

Scale and content are very different in the three cities, which means that they are not directly compared; instead, they are described with a learning perspective based on the “Co-Creation radar” framework, with the intention of developing knowledge about the pros and cons of the different methods. A forthcoming joint academic paper will discuss this knowledge.

Link: The three reports can be found here.