COLDIGIT Helsinki Symposium 20.9.

COLDIGIT Helsinki Symposium, 20.9.2023 – Open for everyone!


In the seminar we delve into the following themes:

Demystifying Collective Intelligence: What is the potential use of collective intelligence for the public sector?

Using Digital Tools to Amplify Participation: How  to best utilize digital tools to enhance the quality and reach of dialogue and deliberation?

Shared Landscapes of Democracy: How to draw insights from the municipal experiences and collaborative visions in the Nordics?

Everyone is more than welcome to the Symposium!

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COLDIGIT project recommendations at the “Fast Track to Vision 2030”

Harnessing Collective Intelligence to
Strengthen Democracy in the Nordic

By 2023 policymakers in the Nordic Region aim to achieve their vision of a socially sustainable, green and competitive society and deepening participation from citizens is more relevant than ever.

This policy brief presents recommendations from the COLDIGIT project on how to mainstream the use of democratic innovations such as citizens assemblies and participatory budgeting in the Nordic countries.

Link to the publication: Harnessing Collective Intelligence