Citizen Participation, Social Inclusion and Digitalisation in the Nordic Region

COLDIGIT organises a public seminar on April 27, 2022 17.00-19.00 at Think Corner in Helsinki (Yliopistonkatu 4, 2nd floor). Experiences of the participatory practices and cultures from Gothenburg, Trondheim and Helsinki will be discussed

A public event with presentations and discussion with the COLDIGIT team brings together researchers and practitioners from the UK, Sweden, Norway and Finland to explore the most recent developments of citizen participation, especially in the Nordic context. In the seminar, we combine qualitative and quantitative orientations and look into the benefits of digital tools in initiating novel approaches, methods to evaluate citizen engagement in a comprehensive manner, strategies for participatory processes in marginalised areas and many other pertinent societal dynamics.

The event consists of brief glimpses into the cases and themes we are working with, followed by discussion with the audience. Oli Whittington (NESTA); Sanna Ghotbi, Pierre Mesure and Annie Hermansson (Digidem Lab); Siri Holen (Sintef); Mikko Rask (University of Helsinki) and Kirsi Verkka (City of Helsinki) introduce a variety of topics for the participants to deliberate upon. The event is facilitated by Pekka Tuominen (University of Helsinki). Welcome!