The computational social science teaching at Helsinki University is organised by the Centre for Social Data Science and managed by Matti Nelimarkka.

codeMatti Nelimarkka, M.Soc.Sc. (Political Science), PhD (Computer Science). He has over ten years of experience in information technology related research and development. He currently works at the University of Helsinki, is visiting reseaher at Aalto University and consultant at Futurice. His favorite animals are cats. Matti has a website that tells lots more of him. Contact him via
lecturerLauri Eloranta, M.Sc. (Computer Science), M.Soc.Sc. (Communication), PhD candidate. He has a vast experience in the field of IT, and for the past three years he has been the managing director of the London based software agency, Futurice UK. Currently Lauri is doing research for his PhD about social systems theory at the University of Helsinki.
Petro Poutanen, Ms.Soc.Sci, PhD Candidate, has worked in several academic projects and published in international peer-reviewed journals on topics of complexity, innovation, and creativity, among others. Petro has taught more than five years in multiple university-level courses, both in Finnish and English, including quantitative methods, organizational communication, science communication, and social media. In his forthcoming dissertation he has applied theories of complex systems in the context of creativity and collaboration

You can contact the lecturers via email at firstname dot lastname @

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