12:00 Lunch (for speakers) (Think Corner, Yliopistonkatu 4)


13:00 Opening words (Think Corner Stage)

Panel 1: How Cosmopolitan is Our Research on the Global? – Disciplinary Perspectives
(Think Corner Stage, Yliopistonkatu 4)

Live stream of panel 1 (available for two weeks) at

  • A World-Literary Take on Cosmopolitan Knowledge
    Natalya Bekhta, HCAS
  • “Knowing in Place and the Aspirations of Cosmopolitanism”
    Christine Helmer, Northwestern University
  • “Some thoughts on global history and the global present”
    Henning Trüper, Leibniz Center for Literary and Cultural Research
  • “The International Relations of the Discipline of International Relations”
    Ole Wæver, University of Copenhagen

Chair: Jane Cowan (University of Sussex)

15:00 Coffee (Think Corner)

16:00 Panel 2: The Preconditions for Cosmopolitan Knowledge
(Main Building, U3032; entrance to the building via Unioninkatu 34)

  • “The Dimension of Case selection”
    Monika Krause, London School of Economics
  • “Epistemic injustice as a barrier to cosmopolitan knowledge”
    Kristina Rolin, Tampere University
  • “Beyond Reason? Postcolonial Theory and the Social Sciences”
    Sanjay Seth, Goldsmiths, University of London
  • Indigenous onto-epistemologies and cosmopolitan knowledge-making 
    Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen, University of Helsinki

Chair: Keith Brown (HCAS/Arizona State University)

19.30 Dinner at Katajanokan Kasino (Merisali; Laivastokatu 1))



11:30 Lunch (for speakers) (Restaurant Sofia, Sofiankatu 4 C)

13:00 Panel 3: Academic Publishing: National, Regional, Global?
(UH Main Building, U3032; entrance to the building via Unioninkatu 34)

  • “The limits of the internationalization of social science and humanities”
    Yves Gingras, Université du Québec à Montréal
  • “Reflections on editing a journal that announces itself as American”
    Niko Besnier, University of Amsterdam/ La Trobe University Melbourne
  • “Making space for multilingualism in English as a lingua franca: Authors, reviewers, editors”
    Maria Kuteeva, Stockholm University

Chair: Molly Andrews (University College London)

14:30 Coffee (next to U3032)

15:00 Panel 4: What Should Research Communities Do?
(UH Main Building, U3032, entrance to the building via Unioninkatu 34)

    • “Refocusing A Cosmopolitan Lens”
      James Mittelman, American University
    • “Institutes for Advanced Studies as Sites of Epistemic Plurality”
      Britta Padberg, Academy of International Affairs Bonn
    • “Looking in(to) cosmopolitan knowledge”
    • José Filipe Silva, University of Helsinki


  • Chair: Heikki Patomäki (HCAS/University of Helsinki)


  • 17:00 Closing words
    Tuomas Forsberg


  • 17:15 Reception (Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, Fabianinkatu 24 A, 3rd floor)