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Chair person

Prof. Liisa Viikari

Prof. Kati Réczey

An integrated biorefinery is an overall concept where biomass feedstocks are converted into a spectrum of valuable products. Lignocellulosic raw materials (wood and annual plants) provide an extensive source not only for present fibre products, but also for a large number of intermediates, specialty chemicals or fuels. Biorefineries combine and integrate various technologies, among them also biotechnical methodologies. European scientists and industry already have a strong position within the area of white biotechnology.

The Action aims at developing innovative biosciences and technologies required to build and implement advanced lignocellulose biorefineries. The primary objective is to develop environmentally sound and cost-effective biotechnical tools and production technologies to be exploited in the production of fibres, chemicals and bioenergy. The Action will strengthen the position of Europe in the areas of white biotechnology and lignocellulose-based biorefineries. The participating experts are active in a broad range of scientific fields (enzymology, genetics, biochemical engineering, polymer chemistry, fibre technologies). The Action will contribute to the development and implementation of biorefineries, thereby assisting the member countries to achieve the targets set by the European Commission for sustainable energy supply and bio-based economy.