Global Value Networks, Innovation Clusters, and Finnish Firms

The objective is to explore the Finnish companies’ new competitive options in the context of global innovation clusters and global value networks. The perspective is future-driven. The idea is to examine the drivers of the business value activities in different geographies and in different business segments.

The study will focus on MNCs – in particular ‘cluster flagships’ – and SMEs which play different roles in the globalizing value networks and innovation clusters. Additionally, the project pays special attention to systemic differences between and within the markets.

The output of the project will comprise three seminars, an additional seminar for decision-makers, and a final report (max 100 pp).

  1. The seminars seek to prepare the participants for new strategic thinking in the post-crisis environment. The participants will also include member firms of The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries.
  2. The report focuses on the transformation of the global value networks and innovation clusters, the acceleration impact of the global recession and the ensuing opportunities of Finnish multinationals and SMEs in these networks.

Duration: 1.6.2010–31.12.2011. The project is funded by Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation) and The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries.

Project manager:
Janne Matikainen
janne.matikainen at
Tel. +358-9-191 24369

Researcher: Dan Steinbock