About the Project

What is Russian law? How does it work? Does it work? Is there rule of law in Russia? How does Russian law connect to European legal systems? Is it a part of European legal tradition or something very specific? How does Russian law respond to global legal challenges? These and many more questions arise when Russian law is mentioned. Development of Russian Law project is here to answer them.

Development of Russian Law (DRL) is a collaborative project run by Dr. Marianna Muravyeva to explore Russian law, legal system, legal tradition and legal culture from an interdisciplinary prospective. It brings together socio-legal and doctrinal research to provide deeper understanding of how Russian legal system works. At our annual conference, together with Russian, Finnish, European and American scholars we discuss global and regional issues and challenges that Russian law has to deal with.

In 2020, Russian law became a part of the new master’s program at the Faculty of Law – Global Governance Law, which provides a specialization in Russian law during its second year. We will be teaching and discussing human rights, Russian legal system, Russian legal culture and legal tradition, business law, and Russian justice system during our classes.

Welcome to the project!