Upcoming Conferences

Gender and Governance II: Gender-sensitive conservative backlash

The conference will take place on 21-22 March 2022 in Helsinki, University of Helsinki to discuss the impact of gender and conservative backlash on contemporary governance models, especially in times of crisis and conflict, and how to administer effective non-violence conflict resolution.


Past Conferences

DRL-XIII:  ‘Legal Diversity and Regional Encounters: Plural Understandings of Law in Localised Contexts’, 19-20 October 2021 – 


Development of Russian Law XII: Law, Tradition and Conservatism: Legal Responses to Neoliberal Governance, 4-5 November 2019.


Gender and Governance, hosted by the University of Helsinki Faculty of Law and Aleksanteri Institute in cooperation with the Higher  School of Economics Moscow. 28-29 March 2019. 


Development of Russian Law XI: Access to Justice From Eurasia to Global, 19-20 November 2018.

The recent Development of Russian Law XI conference was featured in the Higher School of Economics, Skolkovo Centre blog. Read more in Russian here.


Development of Russian Law-IX: Russian Law and Globalization, 6-7 October 2016


Development of Russian Law – VIII: Legal Policy, Perspectives of the Rule-of-Law and Market Economy in Russia, 23 – 24 October 2015


Development of Russian Law VII – Law-Making and Law-Breaking in the Context of Securitization and Neo-conservatism, 20 – 21 October 2014


Development of Russian Law – VI: Between Tradition and Modernity, 17-18 October 2013


Changing the Russian Law: Legality and Current Challenges, 17 – 19 October 2012


Development of Russian Law, 23 – 24 November 2011


Russian Law at the Crossroads: Legal Scholarship and Practice in Contemporary Russia, 28 – 29 October 2010